CAREC Innovation Network

a project supported by

Asian Development Bank

Republic of Korea e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund


The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program is a partnership of 11 Countries & development

 partners working together to promote development through cooperation, leading to accelerated 

economic growth and poverty reduction.


Why Are We Building This Community?

Regional Economic Development

supporting the economic, social and sustainable development of new ventures in the CAREC region

Access to Finance

bringing together regional and global investors to share best practices on investment process and finance regional innovation

Scaling CAREC Innovation

supporting CAREC startups, scaleups and innovative SMEs for global expansion


Build Relationships,

Improve Impact, Amplify

Voice and Engage Partners

our services

Training & Capacity Building

Training & Capacity Building

Our capacity building sessions and masterclasses are designed for business innovation leaders interested in strengthening their contribution to the development of their regional innovation ecosystems. The goal of our hands-on learning journeys is to provide a step-by-step overview of the tools, resources and best-practices boosting business continuity and the delivery of the highest-quality support services. What you can expect: Learn from experts within the global innovation ecosystem sharing latest tools and best practices Connect with peers, practitioners and institutional actors enabling growth Showcase your organization and achievements

Meet & Connect

Connect online and meet in person at events. CIN members are part of a powerful community of business leaders, practitioners and innovation partners who can fast-track connectivity within your local and the international ecosystem

Strategic Partnerships

With support from the Asian Development Bank, CIN’s team of experts help you find, access to a relevant institution, stakeholders and policy events supporting the growth of the CIN community and the visibility of members. CIN has alliances with recognized international bodies, and local corporates and multinationals to support: Policy Development and Implementation Corporate Innovation Startup – Corporate Collaborations Identification of Best Practices in Innovative Technologies, Methodologies & Services

CAREC Ecosystem Map

Become a representative of your city’s innovation ecosystem by contributing to the CAREC ecosystem map.
Feature your logo on the homepage of the CAREC Startup Portal (, and on the ecosystem dashboard of your city.
Gain visibility for your organization and contribute to the ranking of your country ecosystem.

CAREC Network

Highlighting a few of our global partners that are part of this innovative community.

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